About me

I started following this one guy on LinkedIn and my life changed! I was set free!!

I was always jealous of people who write blogs because they seemed to have a lot to tell. I never started writing because of self-doubt. I thought “what could I possibly write about? People will laugh. I have nothing interesting to tell about. It does not read well… “. A million excuses. Then I started following James Altucher on LinkedIn and adopted his basic exercise of writing down 10 ideas each day. I could not believe that this would have any impact on my life but after a few days I felt the urge to execute my ideas (just as he said it would be). I could not resist!

The daily practice of writing down ideas liberated my creative side which had always been overshadowed by its Big Brother “analytical mind” – which I had trained for many years at uni and in my job. Suddenly, I feel that I have a lot to say and want to write about it. So, finally, here is my blog.

I like to help people. Help them make sense of complex things, become more productive at work, find solutions faster, create ideas….So, I write about things that matter to me and in the process I hope that there are one or two aspects in there that you find useful, too, and helps you 🙂

Ah, one more thing. I am not afraid any more to say what I want to say and what I believe in. I am liberated! The creative force set me free 🙂

I believe in teams, ideas as the currency of the 21st century, curiosity and lifelong learning. I am not scared of a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and I love it “when a plan comes together”. If there is no tool for the job I will make one. I love to create, to shape and to help others be successful.

There we go. Enjoy reading my blogs. Send me feedback, criticise me, agree with me, debate with me, tell me what you think.

Have a great day!

Ah, forgot to mention it. My name is Johannes Bayer


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