Great performance is achieved inch by inch

“Life is a game of inches…the inches we need are everywhere around us…on this team we fight for that inch…because we know that when we add up those inches, that’s gonna make the difference between winning and losing”

This is what coach Al Pacino says to inspire his football team to go out and win the game in the movie “Any given Sunday”. Watch the full 4min speech here. It will send shivers down your spine, I promise. It is the most inspirational speech I have ever watched. Inches…it got me thinking.

High performance, achieving goals, making progress – no matter if it is life, sports or at work – it is all down to inches…making step by step progress.

The biggest mistake we make, and which is holding us back to make progress, is that we tend to see only the end result of success – (s)he’s a millionaire or a successful entrepreneur or CEO or world champion or parent of the year… We tend to forget that all this is achieved by taking many tiny steps…inches…over a long period of time. Goals sometimes seem to be far too big to achieve. So we are too scared to even take the first step…the first inch…and then the next one…

It is not necessary to take a giant leap to turn goals into reality. Taking the first step is an inch, every next step is an inch. It is only necessary to go one inch…and then another…and then another…every day one inch… Don’t you think that’s possible?

So, what would taking an inch mean for you?

An inch could be

  • improving 1% each week
  • writing down your goals every day (that takes about 1minute)
  • saying thank you
  • making someone smile
  • spending a few minutes of quality time with someone
  • reviewing progress every week
  • spending 30 minutes each day working on turning your dreams into reality
  • writing down 10 ideas each day
  • connecting with someone you haven’t talked to in years
  • practicing something new
  • ……

Achieving one’s dream is difficult. Moving an inch towards it every day is possible…and easy…no reason to be scared…every reason to take the first step…now!


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