The secret to asking many good questions

Guess what – asking questions all day is absolutely exhausting! With a lack of sleep you are neither able to concentrate nor focus nor listen closely nor think on your feet nor keep a conversation going nor able to come up with questions.

No sleep = no energy = no brain power = no concentration = no focus = no curiosity = no good questions = not being noticed by your bosses as a key person that needs to be involved in this new project.

We all know this situation from business meetings or social events: A tired brain does not want to think or process information. It just wants rest and recreation.

Ever fell asleep after slide 1 of this presentation your colleague gave? Asking lots of questions is a big mental effort for the brain. Your brain will only be fully functional if you allow it to rest enough (and hydrate enough and eat well…).

Sleep is the secret ingredient. That’s what I learned during day 2 of my experiment during which I want to improve my skill to ask questions. I felt really tired today and it was really hard for me to come up with questions during conversations I had. I was just too tired to listen closely or even think of something I could ask.

A terrible side effect of this is the impression you give people. If you don’t ask questions, then people think you are not at all interested in what they tell you. You cannot engage them and they may not want to talk to you again. And all that just because you are tired.

Yesterday I asked 105 questions during the day; today just 85….

I am curious how many questions I will ask during the first work day of the week. I expect it to be much more than so far. I will report my experience of Day 3 of my experiment tomorrow evening.

Going to bed now, need to rest my brain.


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