The experiment – day 1

I am my own guinea pig…for 7 days I am experimenting how I can improve my skill to ask questions. This is day 1.

In my previous post I wrote that I believe that asking questions is a high value add skill but also a skills gap in many companies. I want to improve my skill to ask questions, so I do a little experiment to find out how to do it, if it works and how it works. Of course, this is an entirely subjective study and that’s ok! I want this to be learning in a fun way! I am excited!

The theory: Children are naturally curious and ask 300+ questions per day, i.e. curiosity leads to a steep learning curve on anything really.

My hypothesis: If I increase the number of questions I ask each day, I will learn

a) quicker than today

b) more than today

c) which questions are really useful, i.e. add a lot of value

The aim: I want to improve my skill to ask questions and document my experience of this experiment.


  1. Establish baseline, i.e. measure how many questions I ask today
  2. Increase the number of daily questions asked, i.e. the DQR = Daily Question Ratio
  3. Record experience; specifically, ways to increase number of questions, effect on learning and what I think useful questions are.


Today was Day 1.

It is Saturday. I am up for 16 hours now and asked 105 questions, i.e. 6.56 questions an hour. That is a DQR (Daily Question Ratio) of 105 and HQF (Hourly Question Frequency) of 6.56. I found it difficult to record exactly the number of questions I ask. I don’t want to sit opposite people with paper and pen but might have to do that… If kids ask 300 questions a day, then that means that I learned 3x less than a kid, was 3x less curious than a kid today. I am depressed already! I need to improve!

Looking forward to day 2.



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